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No Sex please: we're British!!

No sex please, we’re British…

Despite Covid-19, and the rise of Tinder, Bumble, E-Harmony, Match, etc. and even FB and Instagram becoming unofficial “hook up” sites (Yes, they are!!), is it really the case that we’re now so busy swiping up, swiping down, swiping left, swiping right, liking, unliking, woofing, meowing, chatting (then ghosting) that we’ve become so mentally exhausted and distracted that we’d rather sit down and watch Antiques Road Show than have sex?

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine analysed data for more than 34,000 men and women aged 16 to 44 who completed the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles in 1991, 2001 and 2012. The data showed a general decline in sexual activity in Britain between 2001 and 2012.

Only 10% of Brits are having sex every week.

People over the age of 25 and those who are married or living with a partner are having less sex than in the past while the proportion wanting more sex is rising. The steepest falls were among the over-25s and those who were married or living together.

It seems that indeed we are having less sex.

Where's the appetite for sex gone?

Personally, from my own experience, what I can say is: My appetite for food has gone UP! My appetite for sleep has gone UP! My screen time has gone UP! It’s abundantly clear that “Whats-apping,” box sets, and binge watching Netflix are getting in the way of “the other”!

Is anyone having sex anymore?

Even PC (Pre-Covid), there was a sharp decline in sex drive over the last 15 years. According to researchers, stress, social and employment pressures, and the merging of public and private lives in social media have all contributed to this decline

Women are more assertive in saying what they do or don't want; so no more lie back and think of England, Morag.

Men are beginning to realize that indeed, women too, have a libido and that, yes, they need a reason to have sex – this primarily based on desire but it’s also shocking to the boys that some “don't” and it’s Angus that has the headache...

Men are less interested in sex due to stress and social media…digital technology and financial pressures are leaving them unable to switch off and TURN ON!

Maybe we all need a Playboy mag?

Maybe we don’t. Porn addiction is also playing its part; people who become absorbed in porn often find that when they actually have sex (sometimes to their own surprise!) with an “actual person,” they become disappointed because the experience does not at all compare to what they see in the movies!

Worse, they have an unrealistic view on what sex is all about. Some people are left wondering,

“Should I make this noise?”

“Should I do that position?”

“Should I say this?”

“Should I wear that?”

“Lights on, or lights off?”

“Neighbors in, or neighbors out?”

Sex, for some is becoming tremendously unrewarding. The attraction of a season of ‘The Crown’ is just feeling more enjoyable and much less messy these days.

In the 21st century, work, the phone and popular culture (yes, I include porn in this!) are taking their toll on sex. You work all day and with many of you; then keep on working on your phone. Or you get on social media and choose your pleasures. And frankly for others you find on-line shopping as your preferred place of intimacy, dopamine rush, and satisfaction even if the shoes don’t fit right.

Couple all of this (pardon the pun) with our A.D.D tendencies, and how people consider swiping right and “matching” as a ‘relationship,’ and you realize how and why sex is on the decline…

Ditch the phone and ring back sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll – all's forgiven!!


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