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SUCCESS INTERVIEW: Christopher Gialanella

One of the biggest benefits of success is getting to mix with, meet and spend time with successful and interesting people as we vibrate on a similar level. They throw away tips on how to be excellent all the time, like confetti at a wedding, often being aware they’re doing it.

They say if you hang around successful people, your own success level is raised. This is because you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with (and that's a sobering thought).

I love hanging with people like that. Those who have a passion and a purpose. They inspire me. Often these people are values driven and know where they’re going. They have their game on. They’re focussed on their personal development, are being their best self and have their priorities in order. It’s awesome as I bask in their reflective glory.

Chris Gialanella is one of these men. He’s inspiration and a success story, my new BFF and man I think we all should know…

Thank you so much for agreeing to firstly, have lunch with me LOL and secondly, sharing your story and tips for success. You’re awesome and for the record have a gorgeous family.

Ladies and gentlemen, please may I introduce Chris Gialanella!!

Christopher Gialanella, born in Livingston, New Jersey in 1970, started his successful career by interning for his local Washington D.C. congressman on capital hill after attending University of Wisconsin - Madison. Following interning for the congressman.

Chris moved to New York City where he worked for PiMS, a company that distributes marketing materials for PR and advertising firms. He was then transferred in 1994 to work for their Los Angeles office for six years. In 2001, he found his passion in the publishing business while working for titles such as “Angeleno” and “Front Desk.” Through his dedication and hard work, Chris was promoted to take over for Riviera Orange County in 2008 and was given the opportunity to publish its sister magazine, Riviera San Diego, for a brief period.

Chris currently the group publisher for five magazines in Los Angeles: “Angeleno”, “Los Angeles Confidential”, “Interiors California”, “Weddings California”, and “BH.” Chris is very proud of his team and the hard work they do to publish an amazing magazine, run fabulous events, and cover some of the most colorful people and places in LA.

What was your first paid job and what did it teach you?

When I was 12, I worked at the local Hallmark Store, called Silverman’s. I was in charge putting the newspapers together. It was a weekend job and it taught me to be ON Time, ORGANIZED and how it would be like to work for people.

Who inspires you and why?

I am going to say that my wife is my biggest inspiration. I truly had never been in love with anyone until I feasted my eyes on her. She continues to teach me so many valuable things day in and day out. It is also great to have someone who can hear your thoughts, direct your dreams and simply be there for you no matter what!

What fuels your desires?

I am fueled by ambition to always be a great father. With that being said, I want to see my son grow and thrive. In order to do that, I need to treat myself like a machine. I machine that needs maintenance and to always be working! So health is a big part of my regime. It gets me up in the morning. It makes me a better father, dad, friend, and business associate. Without great health or piece of mind, you have no desire!

How did you overcome your greatest set back?

I had a stuttering problem as a child. I was someone who remained in the shadows and not in the spotlight. I guess I decided to pull the bull by the horns and get myself out there! I realized that it is not so bad after all!

What are you currently reading?

I am reading a biography on Benjamin Franklin. Why? Because I found a copy of it and have enjoyed learning but history all over again, as my son is a huge history, politics, civics buff. Plus in our political climate, it is important to remember what this country was built on.

Thanks, Chris. You're a ROCKSTAR!!

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