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Firstly, everyone has an invisible sign above their head, which says, “Recognize me and make me feel important” whether you are an office junior or a CEO.

I feel that only too often we can feel unacknowledged for our hard work, effort and dedication that we all put into our careers.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced being passed over in favor of the person with the shortest skirt, brashest personality or the perennially better networked. I’m also reminded that the loudest person is often heard or seen first at the expense of the quiet voice of consistency and commitment…today I’d like to explore how YOU can be seen, heard and fairly recognized for your efforts.

I want you to increase your value, improve your confidence, raise your self-esteem and through your results ultimately promote yourself to the next level in your company without having to resort to reducing to the same levels as others.

How do you see yourself?

I’ve always viewed myself as the CEO of my own company – even if I reported to another manager. You are 100% responsible for your results, and seeing yourself as the person where the buck stops can enabled you to think differently immediately, take full responsibility for your role (or business), necessitate the learning of new essential skills and kick-started your growing process which can take you to another level.

As your skills grow, you begin to shine in your position, you get better and more efficient at what you do whilst instilling confidence in others – you highlight to others that you are ready. YOU are the one who is in control – you are not the victim of the terms of employment, you can make a difference, you can increase your income and you can succeed regardless of what’s happening around you and the circumstances. YES: YOU are the bomb!!!

Take a personal MOT of your skillset

Write down a list of all the skills you have that add value to your business – e.g. prospecting, leadership, client retention, interpersonal skills etc.…now don’t be stingy with this, be clear and be free from all generalization because for every skill you’ve listed, I desire you to write a real life example of how you’ve used that skill to create a positive outcome…doing this is giving you written proof that you’ve used your skills to achieve something positive. This becomes a fact. You want to do this, as many times as possible for each because you want to be your best own PR and you need proof of what you’re good at…

Be your best own PR person

As we can’t take our mom’s to work or to our 1-2-1 business meetings you need to be comfortable about being you own best PR person… HOW PROUD OF YOURSELF ARE YOU? Too much self-modesty can be self-limiting and self-defeating and I’m definitely not asking you to be a big Billy Bragger, Fenella Fibster or even embellishing on your actual accomplishments, but, by letting people know what you contribute to and how you bring VALUE to your business or role is absolutely a part of your job/business role – if you want to keep it and or grow it to the next level.

Everyone is under pressure today – you, your manager and their manager…they’re probably just as swamped as you are and maybe even feeling similarly to you. They may not always be aware of all the extra things you do or bring to the organization. This is where you must take 100% responsibility for yourself, YOU had better let them know–through your results, e-mails, discussions on social media that you’re a VITAL part of the team. Vital means necessary to existence, essential. Is this you?

Write down what you do in a business-like manner whose tone suggests you’re simply keeping them in the loop and are ready. This is really a prequel to your offering to take on more responsibility for the level above. You must be willing to stretch…I would actively ask to participate more in your business, making offering to speak at team trainings, do more coaching and participating more at events. Come to the table with proof that you are ready – remember actual results and accomplishments speak for themselves.

Show your VALUE

What is your relationship like with your management, business partners, team and clients? Your job is to keep everyone engaged, informed, up-to-date and be the one person they can count on to do your part of the job (as it pertains to their role in the company/business). You must believe first and foremost, that what you do is VALUABLE and linked to the ongoing success and the growth of your organization. In order to be taken seriously you must be CONSISTENT with your results…people have to TRUST you. How consistent are you?

If you’re in a sales role you must hit and over exceed your target consistently to be taken seriously as player in your team. If you want to be seen and recognized then you want to be recognized and rewarded on your actual results, not your potential…for example… cement can build a mighty skyscraper but whilst it’s in the cement mixer it only has the potential…we need to be working with actuals… YOU MUST HIT YOUR GOALS/TARGETS especially if you consider yourself a professional because we all have the potential to succeed but in order to move on we need to achieve the fundamentals our role requires and then excel in it: be the best manager you can be regardless of where you are in the pecking order.

Are you being the best person on your team? Do you need the promotion or do you deserve it? They are two totally different things…

The belief that you bring VALUE must begin with YOU!

Back to PROMOTION (in all senses of the word!!!) We’re all in sales today and selling can come in many, many forms. You might be selling ideas to another organization, systems to your team, persuading an up-line manager to try new things or using new skills to coach your team–but your ability to inspire, influence, change and motivate people into action is a skill that never goes unnoticed and is extremely valuable in today’s workplace. So in order to be recognized and rewarded for your efforts look at where you excel.

How are you doing selling yourself, your ideas, your value, your worth, your ability and commitment to your organization/team/business based on your results? People will always have more respect for those who are goal and results orientated. Hit them to be credible and rise above your competition.

The time when you could easily come to work, do the job and go home has long since passed. Now commitment, vision and peak performance has become a fundamental part of every job role and business.

How are you creating visibility for yourself in your company? Do the people in roles of responsibility know whom you are and what you do that contributes to the success of your organization? If not, then begin today to change that.


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