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Gordon Fraser is an award-winning sales and leadership expert, Internationally renowned speaker, certified life coach and philanthropist.


An accomplished entrepreneur who's conceived & implemented systems, generated sales, inspired, mentored, coached and motivated leaders around the world. From the ground up, Gordon Fraser laid the foundations and helped build what has now become one of the most successful Network Marketing businesses in the UK.

He has shared the stage with motivational speakers such as Rachel Hollis, Mel Robbins, Connie Podesta & Paul McKenna.  Like them, Gordon has shared his ideas, thoughts and solutions for a better life. He's relatable and down to earth. His message is delivered with candidness and observational humour, which can often put the listener at ease and transform their thinking about themselves and others.

He’s shared mainstage in front of tens of thousands in Las Vegas (to three nuns and a whippet in Milton Keynes). 

Amongst the top 1% in his Industry, he’s viewed as one of the leading visionaries in his field, having been featured in many publications and media outlets such as “The 4-Year Career”, BBC Radio London, Voice of America and “Savoir Faire Magazine”.

 Gordon conducts a blog, a bi-weekly IG live for his listeners, as well as frequent online-conferences for his global partners.


Gordon specializes in working with individuals or organizations, entrepreneurs, executives, direct sales professionals and network marketers who share the desire to be more, have more and give more.

 His coaching covers many topics in “Leadership, Sales Productivity, Performance, Health & Wellness, Beauty and Lifestyle”.


Every idea shared is founded in the timeless principle of planning, hard work, visualisation, positivity and laughter! He favours choice rather than chore and regardless of venue or audience he always delivers the right message for listeners who need to hear it at the perfect time for them to receive it.

When he’s not working Gordon can be found playing tennis, surfing, skiing, trail running, travelling or just hanging out with friends in Los Angeles & London.

As an investor in people, in 2012 he set up his Scholarship at the London School of Music and Dramatic Arts (L.A.M.D.A) to whom many young actors have benefitted and graduated the School as a result.


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