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With a wealth of resources, complimented by significant business success and 12+ years of coaching experience, Gordon Fraser offers unique life coaching, entrepreneurial coaching and leadership coaching services for a high-performance mindset who desires a results driven approach.

What sets Gordon Fraser coaching apart is his outstanding business achievement – having built a successful global business and maintaining it for well over a decade he has demonstrated the concept of “walking the walk and talking the talk”.

Gordon Fraser possesses a “no-matter-what, positive mindset and activity based approach” that focuses on personal development and the philosophy of mastering a “blueprint to build in order to succeed”. This proven method can be duplicated, coached, compounded and leveraged with other leaders with the aim of creating similar results within your organization or team.

Everyone is unique and deserves success. Therefore all Gordon Fraser programs are personalized and bespoke to the individual. We all have a different life and career experiences, views, challenges and aims, therefore there’s no “one size fits all” and Gordon Fraser offers a distinct service to meet the unique needs of each client.

"I have the courage to live a life true to myself, rather than the one others expected of me."

~ Gordon Fraser



Maybe you want to launch a new business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more, or maybe you have a creative project you wish to share with the world.

In today’s society we could all use a life coach to help us navigate through the concrete jungle of the day-to-day. When you’re busy working your plan, it’s hard to think of everything and keep your eye on your aims too.  Gordon Fraser will help you put together a “blueprint to build” and support you as you start to flourish, find the appreciation for your results and the recognition you deserve for your achievements in life.

Gordon Fraser has earned a complete set of unique skills and experiences which allow him to help support and empower anyone from a stay-at-home mom to a Vice President. He’s thriving in all aspects of business and life and by him focusing on life’s entirety instead of just a few isolated elements you could follow a plan to improve your life too.


For over a decade, Gordon Fraser has helped entrepreneurs of all ages develop the skills and expertise to identify the network they need to start, build and run in order to build their own duplicable, time leveraged business.

Whether in corporate or in business, Gordon Fraser can support and guide you to overcome your personal and professional challenges and help you become better prepared and more "on-top" of your life and career direction. Being your own boss and making the switch from the wage system to the profit system is Gordon Frasers’ expertise and finding happiness through self-determination and independent thinking is one of his success principals and key to achieving the life and career you deserve.  

With entrepreneurial coaching, you can develop the mindset and sharpen the organizational skills you need in order to help you meet the demands of your everyday life and the rigors of business. Gordon Fraser will provide you with essential tools and the support you'll need to create the necessary network you desire in order to confidently and effectively grow your business further.



Based on competence and trust. Leadership coaching is the challenge to become more, so you can have more, so you can share more...

Gordon Fraser supports business leaders at all levels by developing and leveraging the leadership skills they have within themselves in order to maximize them and ultimately (by default of sharing), their leader’s performance and potential.

Leadership is defined by the choices you make and Gordon Fraser will support and empower you to make the conscious choices you as a leader have to make on a day-to-day basis whilst appreciating your vision, personal aims, family needs, your leaders aspirations and the needs and desires of your organization.

Gordon Fraser aims to help you increase your awareness through planning practice, straightforward feedback, powerful management tools and action.

Leadership is influence. To whom much is given, much is expected.



“I’ve had the opportunity to interact with the people he has personally trained, and have seen first-hand how his skill, expertise and influence has greatly impacted the success and results of these individuals…the team representatives that he has personally cultivated and trained within Arbonne are some of the most talented committed and skilled people I’ve met within the company. I have no doubt that this is a direct result of Gordon's influence” ~ Sonia Stringer

“Gordon is truly one of the premier professionals in his field. He is honest, ethical and a true servant leader” ~ Richard Bliss Brooke

“Information, education and hilarity. Gordon is the hardest act I’ve ever had to follow” ~ Paul McKenna

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